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Is it possible to configure a category that when selected avoid the selection of priorities with service type?


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CA Service Desk Manager


How to configure a category in order to prevent to be set with a priority that has as service type, so the ticket is just left without a service type?


Release : 17.2



1. Create an event (Admininistration tab->Macros and events->events)
2. The event should have, object type re/in/pr
3. The condition should be "site defined condition" and set for the category that is required with the status of the ticket set to "open" so it is executed when the ticket is created.
4. The actions when the event conditions are fullfiled, set the impact to none, priority not assigned and urgency low.
5. Add the created event to the "Initial" activity notification (Admininistration tab->Notifications->Activity notifications-> initial, event tab) so once the ticket is created when the ticket is saved the event will be triggered and the conditon analized so the ticket is set with the correct priority.