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DUAS6: SAP Jobs remain in Running Status whereas they Completed


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


SAP Jobs remain in status Running whereas they are Completed in SAP.
It usually occurs after a SAP Manager restart.
During this time new SAP Uprocs are correctly Submitted but they remain in status Running forever.

SAP Manager Cycle ( that can be seen in universe.log with the trace 0,SYNC) never ends (end message not displayed).

The suspicious line is:

08:50:03 INFO X SAP pid=p.t uxsap_synchro_start SYNCHRO> start of new cycle

We cannot find the following kind of line at the end of the cycle:

08:50:05 INFO X SAP pid=p.t uxsap_synchro_start SYNCHRO> end of cycle



Deadlock on SAP Manager startup:
Jobs that were flagged to "delete" were locked at Manager startup, and never unlocked after.
At the next synchronization, that would block the SAP Manager.


Release : 6.x
Subcomponent: Manager for SAP


Stop the Manager for SAP, rename the file $UNI_DIR_DATA/data_sap/uxsapjnl.dta and Start again the Manager for SAP.

Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component:  Application.Server
Dollar Universe 6.10.31 - Released 22nd April 2020

Additional Information

Three different potencial deadlocks were fixed on 6.10.31:
-> SAP Manager startup
-> IPACK submission
-> Thread synchronisation