BAD UNSERIALIZE message floods the SOI catalyst.log on the SOI Manager
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BAD UNSERIALIZE message floods the SOI catalyst.log on the SOI Manager


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


There are many error messages about "BAD UNSERIALIZE" for different SOI alarms written to \CA\SOI\tomcat\logs\catalyst.log on the SOI manager.
Here is one example of such error message:
2018-11-06 11:31:50,476 ERROR [JMS XXXXX.XXX.XXX.XXX] () impl.SessionImpl.logSDODiagnotic(1494) SOI - ****** BAD UNSERIALIZE ******
sheet contents:

XMLHelper instance: org.apache.tuscany.sdo.helper.XMLHelperImpl@49ba64a3
XMLHelper instance class: org.apache.tuscany.sdo.helper.XMLHelperImpl
XMLHelper instance class loader:
XMLHelper instance class location: file:/D:/CA/SOI/tomcat/lib/tuscany-sdo-impl-1.1.1.jar
Can you please explain why this error occurs and how it can be solved? What happens to the data which is (falsely) identified as "Bad Unserialized"?



Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


there is some error while SOI trying to send notification error message.
it seems , there are some properties are missing for alert or ci while transforming into SOI . if we can configure smtp host then we can get that error.


We analyzed the warning messages which we are getting in catalyst log file. 

Please configure activemq.xml file as follows.

1. Open activemq.xml file from below path .

2. Add below highlighted tag inside <policyEntry topic=">" > tag
                <policyEntry topic=">" >
                    <!-- The constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy is used to prevent
                         slow topic consumers to block producers and affect other consumers
                         by limiting the number of messages that are retained
                        For more information, see:
                   <constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy limit="1000"/>
                      <sharedDeadLetterStrategy processExpired="false"/>     
3. Restart all the SOI services