Dynamic Change to CAIRACF parms in CAS9


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In the process of testing the parms for CAS9 and CA7. This testing involves changing the contents of the CAIRACF DD member.

Can these parms be changed dynamically or does it require an IPL?  What is necessary to implement changes?


Release : 14.1
Release : 15.0

Component : CAIRIM

Security Environment: IBM RACF


There is no need to IPL to make changes to the CAIRACF parms.

Following is the recommended process:

1. Create a new member that will include a single initialization statement to refresh the SSF service.


2. Make any necessary modifications to the member referenced by the CAIRACF DD statement (ie. RACFLIST) and save changes.

3. Start your CAS9 procedure with the following syntax to pass the new member on the startup. In this example, the new member was named "REFRESH:


Additional Information

How to report/verify that CAIRACF DD was processed