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Document to uninstall FSS GUI


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We're running a Policy Server and we'd like to get documentation to

uninstall the FSSUI. Where can we find it ?


Policy Server 12.8SP2 on RedHat 6;


According to the documentation, the in-place upgrade should have
removed the only one Policy Server directory used by FSSUI : admin/

  Deprecated FSS Administrative UI

  Starting release 12.7, the FSS Administrative UI is no longer shipped or supported.

    If you are performing an in-place upgrade, the
    NETE_PS_ROOT/siteminder/admin folder is deleted. If you have any files
    in that location, we recommend you back it up before upgrading.

    If you have configured the FSS UI to the following URL, it will no
    longer work as the FSS UI is now deprecated:


As the code run from the FSSUI is served by a Web Server, you should
manually removed the configuration and data from


For the Policy Server 12.52SP1, we supported those Web Server. Refer
to these vendor documentation to remove the corresponding

  ASF Apache
  Oracle iPlanet Java
  IBM Http Server

  Legacy FSS Administrative User Interface


Check which Web Server you run, evaluate if it is in use for other
products and determine if you still need it. If you still need it for
other usage, remove the configuration and content served under :


If you don't need it for other product, you might remove the entire Web Server.