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Modern UX: CMN-0009 error returned when updating an MVL field if a value selected is inactive


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS



1. Go to Studio > project object
2. Create a Multi Value Lookup (MVL) type attribute based on the OOTB LOOKUP_USER_ACTIVE_SEC lookup
   Provide an API Attribute ID to make it available on the Modern UX
3. Add the field to the project list view.
4. Go to the Classic UI > Project list
5. On a given project, add some users to the field and save changes
6. Go to Admin > Resources
7. Take one of the users that we added to the MVL field and inactivate it
8. Go back to the project list and look at the MVL field and the selected values.
9. The inactivated value is displayed. 
10. Add soem further values and save. Changes are saved fine.
11. Go to the Modern UX project list
12. Add the MVL field to the list
13. On the list, you can see all the pre-selected values. Also the users who were inactivated.
14. Edit the field. At edition, you only see the active values.
15. Try to add some extra values to the field

Expected Results: The extra values added to the field are saved.

Actual Results: Errror CMN-0009: Attribute 'MyMVL' has invalid Lookup Value '[5003289, 5003130, 5003267]'


Clarity PPM 15.7.0, 15.7.1


This is caused by  DE53709


This is fixed in 15.8 and it has been backported to and will be backported to

Workaround: Clear All values and re-select the values you want to add. This time the inactive values will not be selectable.