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issue with poller rebalance


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We rebalanced a couple of pollers the other week, now we expected that from either poller the device was reachable but apparently that isn’t the truth. We have seen many of these “Management Agent Lost” And we have to change the poller from the secondary to primary to resolve. Is it possible to run a report that would highlight affected devices ideally on a single IP domain. Can I run an on demand report that will identify this condition?


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Polling


You could run an on demand report and choose the variable Device Polling Statistics - Number of Successful polls -Total. If you no successful polls then device is not responding to SNMP. Unfortunately reporting only works on groups and individual components so you cannot run a report on a whole IP domain.

Another way to correct this is  go to Administration -> data sources -> Data Aggregator -> system Status and select the data collector and sort on "Status" If the device is "Management Lost" Then it is no longer responding to SNMP. You can also move the device or multiple devices to another data collector in this view.