Locating the Tomcat code to go with View® 14.0
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Locating the Tomcat code to go with View® 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


I installed View® 14.0 using MSM. This included View®, Deliver™, DRAS and OM Web Viewer.
I am trying to install the OM Web Viewer. 
When I follow the directions to go to the directory to run configure.sh the folder is not there.
Where do I get the Apache Tomcat® code from and how do i integrate it with the CA OM Web Viewer code?


  • Output Management Web Viewer 12.1, 14,0
  • View® 14.0
  • Deliver™ 14.0
  • DRAS 14.0
  • Apache Tomcat®


The OM Web Viewer install in the View® 14.0 install is for OM Web Viewer 14.0.

OM Web Viewer 12.1  is not installed from the View® 14.0  install. 12.1 Web Viewer has its own, separate install. 


OM Web Viewer 12.1 needed to be installed. OM Web Viewer 14.0 is a different product from 12.1.  Customer is not ready to go to OM Web Viewer 14.0 yet.