UIM - how we can pull historical alerts report - Like from Jan-20 to till


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We want to know how we can pull historical alerts report - Like from Jan-20 to till date from UIM. It needs to include all types of alerts.

How we can pull historical alerts report - like from Jan-20 to another date? 




- Alarm reporting


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - UMP_USM


In USM, you can click on the Alarms icon to switch to the full alarm view, then click on the Actions button and choose "Show Historical."

Then on the same Actions button, choose "Export Alarms" - note that you might have to adjust the zoom on your browser to be able to see and select the Export Alarms on the bottom of the pick list or you can select a range of alarms based on time or use a filter and then 'Export Selected Alarms.'

 If you'd like to use a script, see two options below:

How to export alarms from nas to a file using a script

NAS script to generate a report of alarms that occurred last night

Don't forget to check the Broadcom UIM Community for customization, scripts, ideas, etc.