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SDM: How to limit access to create tickets in xFlow and ServicePoint apps


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This article discusses how to disable or limit the ability for end users assigned to a given role from creating Requests in xFlow and ServicePoint specifically.


Release : 17.2



In our testing scenario, we will be modifying the "IT Staff" access type to disallow the role from creating a request.

Login to the SDM Classic Web UI as an Admin user.  Access the Administration tab, then Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Role List.  

Access the "Level 2 Analyst" role.  This is the known default Role for the "IT Staff" access type 

On the Data Partition Name, choose the listed "Service Desk Analyst" data partition

Click on "New Constraint"

Enter the information displayed in the screencap, provided here as well:

Table Name:  Call_Req
Constraint Type:  Create
Constraint:  id=0

Note:  The above constraint allows one to create a Call Request provided that its id is equal to 0, which is an impossible scenario, thus preventing ticket creation.

Save the Data Partition Constraint, then close the "Service Desk Analyst" Data Partition Detail window, then the "Level 2 Analyst" Role Detail window.

Navigate over to Access Types.  (Administration tab, then Security and Role Management -> Access Types

Identify the Access Type that needs to have this change take place.  We will choose "IT Staff".

On the "IT Staff" Access Type Detail window, choose the "Apps" tab.  Select the "xFlow Analyst" app.

Confirm that the "Level 2 Analyst" Role is listed and is the default role.

IMPORTANT:  App permissions are derived from the given Role that is assigned for the given app.  In this case, we are merely confirming that the "Level 2 Analyst" Role is the default role for xFlow as we have modified the "Level 2 Analyst" Role Data Partition to disallow Call Request creation.  It is possible for one to develop a custom role that contains specific permissions allowances that can then be assigned to the xFlow application.

Optionally, you can choose the "Service Point" app, and assign the same "Level 2 Analyst" Role, which we had modified to disallow creation of Call Requests.  To do this, on the "IT Staff" Access Type Detail window, choose the "Apps" tab.  Select the "Service Point" app.

On the "Service Point of IT Staff Detail" window, choose "Update Roles"

Do a search for the roles and select the "Level 2 Analyst".

Click OK to save the Role selection.  You may also opt to make the "Level 2 Analyst" Role the default role for Service Point Application, which we will do here.

Now, when accessing xFlow or ServicePoint as a user who is attached to the "IT Staff" access type , with the modified "Level 2 Analyst" Role assigned to the "xFlow" and the "Service Point" apps, the given user will not be able to create Call Requests.

Error seen when trying to create tickets in xFlow:

Error seen when trying to create tickets in Service Point: