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Exceeded QoS license by xxxxx objects error using 8.51/9.0.2 license with 9.20/9.30 robots


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


With  unlimited 8.51/9.0.2 license gold key with (100000000) on my 9.20/9.30 robot, we still gets the message "You have exceeded your QoS license by xxxxx objects alarms.
Will license work as expected with his version combination  or is there some compatibility issue here causing the alarms?


Incompatible Use of 9.20/9.30 robot with UIM 8.51/9.0.2.


Release : 8.51
data_engine 8.50
Robot 9.20


Robot 9.20/9.30 is not compatible with UIM 8.51/9.0.2.  Use compatible robot with UIM OR upgrade the entire UIM environment to 9.20+ across the board.

Additional Information

Delete Old QOS not in use and upgrade to 9.20 licensing