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What files or directories need to be excluded from anti-virus scans in CAPM?


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We are required by internal rules to run anti-virus on all systems.

Are there any requirements for exclusion of files or directories if we are running anti-virus software on the CAPM host servers?


All supported releases

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Because the database and catalog files are in use when Vertica is running, an anti-virus scan could lock a file or cause resource contention when Vertica needs to write to that file.


1. On the Data Repository systems:
Please exclude the following directories from any anti-virus scans when vertica is running:


The data directory

The catalog directory

Note: the paths for data and catalog can be found in the file used for the install


# Location of Vertica's data directory


# Location of Vertica's catalog directory


2. On the CAPC console host:

the MySql directory:


3. On the DA host

Exclude the installation directory, the backup directory, and all subdirectories from antivirus scans.

Ex: /opt/IMDataAggregator


4. On the DC host

Exclude the installation directory and all subdirectories from antivirus scans.

Ex: /opt/CA/IMDataCollector


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