CCITCP / CCITCPGW / CCISSL / CCISSLGW CAS9899E - Error: pthread_create, errno = 112


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CCITCP / CCITCPGW / CCISSL / CCISSLGW may start to receive CAS9899E - Error: pthread_create, errno = 112.

CCITCP / CCITCPGW / CCISSL / CCISSLGW were written in "C", and use the LE runtime environment. It is a 31 bit application. If ALL31(ON) is not set, the volume of activity could result in a storage shortage.  The STACK option can also be used to control the allocation of the thread's stack storage.

The storage shortage can manifest itself as pthread_create failures or abends.



Storage shortage due to ALL31 not in use and all HEAP being allocated in 16 bit storage.  A storage shortage can also occur if the STACK option is not used.


  • Supported z/OS level
  • CA Common Services r14.1 using CCI or CCISSL


Please adjust the CCITCP / CCITCPGW / CCISSL / CCISSLGW procs, adding the following additional DD statement. This will allow the task to allocate LE storage above the 16M line:


The STACK option has also been found to be helpful when many threads are involved.  This option controls the allocation of the thread's stack storage for both the upward and downward- growing stacks.  An example using the STACK option is below:


Additional Information

Information on Language Environment runtime options is available at the following link: