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Rally - New UI user stories page showing different results than old UI


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When comparing results on the user stories between the old UI and the new UI, some differences are observed.  The differences noted will typically be in the physical counts of the user stories returned and the points that are assigned.


The difference is due to the new UI not including parent user stories in the results.

This is mentioned in the notification that is shown when navigating to the new page for the first time


There are two workarounds for this:
* Using the old user stories page
* Switching to Work Views

To access the old user stories page, click the red exclamation point enclosed in a circle

Next click the "Open Deprecated User Stories Page" button

To access Work Views, click Plan from the menu and then choose Work Views.  From there you can click Show Filters and set your work item types to User Story