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UIM - Netapp_ontap with enabled ADP shows No Spares


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Netapp_ontap probe shows QOS_STORAGE_NUM_OF_HOT_SPARES = 0.0 while AUP command shows spares exist. 
The issue only happens when the netapp server is managed by the Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) service
ASUP Command shows spare exist, however, probe collects 0 hot spares:

Feb 20 10:01:20:223 [BulkSender Monitor, netapp_ontap] Sent NimQoS QOS_STORAGE_NUM_OF_HOT_SPARES D, source=xxxxx, target=Disks, measuretime=1582192879157, value=0.0, stdev=0.0 and received confirmation id Cxxxxxxxx-xxxxxx

Does netapp_ontap support monitoring netapp filers while managed by ADP service?


UIM 9.2
netapp_ontap probe version = 1.23T1
Data ONTAP version = 9.1P7
OS where the probe is installed = RedHat 7
robot version. = 9.20HF9


The probe is not certified/tested with Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) service.


The current version of the netapp_ontap probe does not support Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) service.

Additional Information

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