Can the CA 1 TMC.N be placed on the same volume as the TMC.O for job TMSXTEND.
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Can the CA 1 TMC.N be placed on the same volume as the TMC.O for job TMSXTEND.


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There is a step in TMSXTEND to Allocate a new TMC.N using the same volume as the previous TMC.

My question is if it's safe to continue using the same VOLUME as my previous TMC. currently in our environment the volume that holds the TMC DSN also holds other DSN's as well.






Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


Can / should the new TMC be placed on the same volume as the old TMC?
What restrictions are there for TMC placement?


Here is some information on the placement of the TMC:

The placement of other data sets on the same volume that the TMC or Audit reside must be done so as not to create a RESERVE/ENQUEUE lockout condition.
Do not locate data sets of products that CA 1 Tape Management System interfaces to including:
  • Security products (CA Top Secret Security, CA ACF2)
  • DASD management products (CA ASM2 Backup and Restore, CA-Disk)
  • The operating system catalogs
We recommend that the TMC and Audit data sets:
  • Be allocated on separate disk volumes. This allocation eliminates the possibility of both data sets being destroyed in the event of a hardware failure.
  • Be allocated as unmovable (DSORG=PSU)
  • The TMC and Audit data sets should not be allocated to the same DASD unit and preferably placed on separate banks/channels.
  • The TMC and Audit data sets cannot span multiple DASD devices.
  • They should not be specified as data sets that can be archived.

Additional Information

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