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Devtest Jenkins Plugin Support with Slave machine configuration not working properly


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I have been integrating Jenkins Plugin for our client and facing issue.
    When I tested the plugin in an environment where "Master" have connectivity with my Registry Host, it is working fine.
But when I moved to the Production environment where Master doesn't have connectivity with Registry but one of the slave does have, it is not working/connecting. It seems that the plugin is still running on master machine and trying to execute Invoke API from there even when I configured the pipeline stage to run on a specific slave machine.
   Could you please help me get a fix for the plugin so that it can run on a slave machine instead of executing always on master.



Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


      As per Devtest Jenkins plugin is designed, master server should have connectivity/communication with registry server. When you choose run on slave server, plugin will take the details from slave machine and run invoke API call from master server.