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Missing Response Errors in CEM


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



There are several scenarios that could cause Missing Response errors in CEM.


  • The application server could be down.
  • The web or application server could be running slowly or having problems such that it could not respond within the configured timeout.
  • The user could have closed the browser window before the server could respond.

Note the following definitions:

  • Missing Response - A missing response means that a particular transaction was not observed within the expected configurable time period (the default is 60 seconds).
  • Partial Response - A partial response means that a complete response was not observed for a particular transaction within the expected configurable time period (the default is 60 seconds).

Suppose the following appears in a Missing Response defect:

Defect Information
Defect condition: 60.000s Defect value:"Transaction [Transactionname] failed to complete
Transaction Information Time:(blank) Throughput: (blank)

Based on these results, there was no response.

If the server finally responded, but outside of the 60-second window, it would have given the transaction time.

If any part of the transaction returned prior to 60 seconds, but the transaction did not complete, it will generate a Partial Response defect.


Component: APMCEM