Error from script for Data Repository
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Error from script for Data Repository


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We ran the script as part of the Data Repository upgrade and it failed.

The following is seen on the screen and in the dr_validate log file.

Ensuring tuned is off for RHEL7.........................................[FAIL]


All supported Performance Management releases


Tuned is a profile-based system tuning tool that uses the udev device manager to monitor connected devices, and enables both static and dynamic tuning of system settings.

Starting with Vertica r9.1 it requires this OS tool to be disabled. The script is looking for the package to confirm it's disabled, and it will disable it if found.

If the package is not installed, the script will show this error to indicate it can't find it and can't disable it.


Confirm that the tuned package is not installed. To do so run the following. If it is not installed an empty response should be returned.

  • rpm -qa | grep tuned

If nothing is returned the FAIL message from dr_validate can be ignored.

As long as the package is not installed, or is disabled if it is, the Vertica installation executed during the script run will succeed.

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