UIM v9.20 - audit queue is backing up
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UIM v9.20 - audit queue is backing up


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How do I disable this queue if it isn't needed?


Release : 9.2.0

Component : audit v9.04


The current version of the audit probe is v9.04. It is not installed by default in UIM v9.20. If you see the audit probe in a 9.20 installation, it is probably a leftover artifact from a previous UIM version or it was manually deployed to the Primary hub.

If you want to use it for auditing, you can deploy it from the local archive on the Primary hub.

Here is a link to a helpful KB Article on how to configure the audit probe for configuration changes.

Otherwise you can deactivate the probe if its already deployed and youre not planning on using it.

Removing the queue
You can open the hub probe and click on the Queues Tab and select the audit probe queue and then rt-click and delete it.

After you delete the audit probe, you may then delete the contents of the audit probe directory.

Additional Information

Since the audit probe is in the local archive and also downloadable via the download site, you can deploy it for a specific/temporary purpose if needed at a later date.

Please also note that the audit tables may grow very large depending on how you configure your auditing.