Alarm History Tab - No Event Format file exists
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Alarm History Tab - No Event Format file exists


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CA Spectrum


When selecting the 'Alarm History' Tab for an alarm the events may show

  "An event occurred for model " of type " for which no event format file exists"



Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


This typically will occur when the event that generated the alarm has not been configured to be
  saved in the ArchMgr database (ddmdb).

This has been seen with some UIM alarms but can happen for any alarms whose events are
  not being archived.


  Use the Event Configuration Editor and set the event(s) in question to archive.


  • Under the 'Event Options' Tab check the 'Event in Historical Database' option.

  • When done make sure to select the File Menu and Save


Additional Information

  • UIM Events will typically start with 0x063300
  • If enabling the Store Event option for a large number of events, make sure to check the
      impact this has on the event table in the ddmdb and the event table in OneClick's SRM
      database (table size/disk usage)


           OneClick with SRM (If using SRM/Reporting)