New UX Project Blueprints include Idea Lookup Values


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The Status attribute on the Project Object is associated with a System Restricted lookup: Investment  Object State.

  • The lookup clearly states in the value descriptions that some of the options are only applicable to Ideas.
  • However, those options are showing as available in the new UX when the Status field is added to a Blueprint.
  • In the Classic View, only status values relevant to the Project object show up in projects. 
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to a project in the new UX
2. Attempt to change the project Status on either the Project list or the Project Details page

Expected Results: Only valid project statuses are available. 
Actual Results: Project and Idea statuses are both available.

Note: If an Idea specific status is selected, an error is thrown - CMN-0009: Attribute 'Status' has invalid Lookup Value 'n'


This was reviewed as DE53645 and determined to be working as designed.


Release : 15.7.1



  • Status is a legacy field supported in Classic PPM. In the New UX, "Status" has been replaced with the field "Work Status".
  • Status was retained in the New UX for legacy purposes (including projects/ideas in flight from Classic PPM)
  • Options to hide this field in the New UX:
    • Field Security will be available starting in Clarity PPM 15.8 where you can hide the Status field in the New UX or make this field read-only to all users in the Modern UX
    • In versions prior to 15.8, you can remove the Status field from the Blueprints associated with the project or idea.