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Schedule report to run against different Time Zone in Performance Management


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The user requires the report in GMT format, however my profile is in EST format. How can we schedule a report in GMT format.

When scheduling a report in Performance Management, the Time Zone (TZ) the report data is framed in is based on the TZ set for the user that scheduled the report. How can a report be scheduled so a different TZ is used?

Tried to change the users TZ, schedule the report, and change the users TZ back. The report arrived with the wrong TZ framing the data within the report.


All supported Performance Management releases


In the discussion below the example used is a report that will run once every 7 days against the default "Last 7 Days" Time Frame.

There are two parts to this we have to consider:
  1. The time the scheduled report runs on.
  2. The TZ the data within the report is framed against.
The Scheduler Edit UI will default the time the report runs to the users TZ configured. It can be changed in the Edit UI if desired. For example, running a report every week at 1 AM Sunday morning what TZ should the report launch at 1 AM Sunday morning? EST? GMT? ITC? Etc.

The TZ the report data is framed against, in this case using the default "Last 7 Days" option, is derived from the TZ configured on the user that set the schedule. When the reports scheduled run time arrives, each new run will perform a checks to determine the TZ set for the user that scheduled the report.

To resolve this:
  1. Create a new user.
    • Suggested name would be something like ReportScheduler_<TZ> where <TZ> is the target for report data.
    • Example: Using GMT it might be named:
      • ReportScheduler_GMT
  2. Set the TZ for the new user to the TZ the data in the report should be framed against.
  3. Assign the user a Role that has:
    • Access to the necessary Menu options where the target Dashboard(s) reside.
    • Access to the Groups the reports will run against.
    • The "Send Reports on a Schedule" PC Role Right.
When a report needs to be scheduled against the GMT TZ:
  1. Log in to PC as your normal user.
  2. Go to Administration->User Settings->Users.
  3. Find the new ReportScheduler_<TZ> named user. Select the user and select the Proxy button.
  4. Schedule the report.
  5. Exit the Proxy user (select the X next to "Proxy User: <UserName>" in top right corner of web UI)

Additional Information

If a new request arrives but for a different TZ, do not use the 'ReportScheduler_<TZ>' user set up for the first request.

For example if the first request is for GMT a ReportScheduler_GMT user is created. Then a new request arrives for a new report in ITC TZ.

In that situation a second new user should be created to schedule the report. The user again needs to have the correct TZ configured, ITC in this example.

Proxy that new user to schedule the report against ITC.

Doing otherwise, changing the configured TZ for the first report scheduler user, would modify the TZ previously scheduled reports by that user were targeted to use.