The tunnel certificate will expire ... how to replace it before it does?


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How do I replace a UIM hub tunnel certificate prior to expiration?




First you want to go to the tunnel server hub where the client certificates are generated.

Open the hub GUI and go to the 'Tunnels' tab and then 'tunnel server' and locate the expired cert.  Then create a new one with the same info by clicking New:

From here, enter all the info for the new cert:

Now you should see two certs - the new and old one.  Highlight the new one (check the expiration date) and click View:

Next  click on "Certificate" and then "Copy":

This will copy the info to your clipboard.

Now, open the hub CLIENT's hub GUI in IM... Go to "Tunnels" and then "Client Configuration", find the client entry and click "Edit":

This will bring up the client info, including the current certificate.  Just clear that out, and paste in the new certificate that was just copied:

Now you can click OK and the hub will start using the new cert.

Make sure to delete the old one -- but don't do it until after you have made this change, because if you delete it first, it could stop you from completing the changes.

Additional Information

Here is a KB Article that discusses another way to do it, which is useful if the cert already expired: