Message distribution(JMS Queue) load balancing issue
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Message distribution(JMS Queue) load balancing issue


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JMS queue load is not distributed properly in myidM server. netstat command provided by jboss showed the connection is established, but no way we are able to see the cluster member and nodes. Could you please help check the cluster loading balancing and also want to see how this issue can be resolved permanently


Release : 14.2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Identity Manager is a j2EE application that gets deployed on the application server.

Configurations of the application servers are provided as an example, any problems with the functioning of third-party software need to be troubleshot by the supplier of that third party application.

Jboss gave a netstat command? netstat commands are at the operating system level, not the application server level.

Jboss needs to review your standalone-full-ha.xml configurations.

We can supply config files from a known working 3 node server for you to use as an example, but we do not have any tools to troubleshoot why one node would answer more jms messages than the other.