Test NCM SSH device config capture in Command Line - NCM capture troubleshooting
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Test NCM SSH device config capture in Command Line - NCM capture troubleshooting


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are seeing errors when attempting to use NCM to capture a device configuration over SSH. What are some basic troubleshooting steps to perform? 


Release : 10.3

Component : SPCAPP


There are a number of reasons why a NCM capture may fail. Here are some options to test the capture in various methods to start narrowing down where the issue may be. 


1. Test the SSH script via command line: 

- You can export the script from the NCM Device Family information tab settings - export the SSH script file to <SPECROOT>/bin
- The default out-of-box SSH scripts available to use show their command-line usage within the script - if you are using custom scripts you may or may not have this usage defined.


capture_running.pl <device IP> <user> <pass> <enable_pass><login_timeout_in_seconds> <capture_timeout_in_seconds>

Scrip export example: 

2. Collect a sniffer trace of the attempted capture

- run Wireshark Sniffer or TCPdump or similar to capture packet traffic while attempting the capture
- do this when testing the capture from within OneClick as well as testing from SSH script in command line for comparison on both methods

3. Enable NCM capture debug

- nav to <SPECROOT>NCM
- edit the config.xml file
- scroll to the bottom of the file and set the following parameters: 

 <debugging type="java.lang.String">max</debugging>
    <diff-largefile type="java.lang.String">on</diff-largefile>

- save the config.xml file, and restart the ncmserv.exe process for the changes to take effect
- attempt a capture and review the <SPECROOT>/NCM/logs/debug files 
- also review the ncmservice log at <SPECROOT>/NCM/NCMSERV.OUT

4. Increase DCM Timeout for the device

- If after testing the above troubleshooting steps and still unable to determine cause for a failed capture, also try increasing DCM timeout for the device
- While this settings is adjusting SNMP poll timeout, it also affect NCM captures
- max value 60,000 ms

Additional Information

- If after checking the above troubleshooting options and still unable to determine the issue, then we recommend to open a case on it 
- Please provide the following details: 

- screenshot of the capture error
- the Sniffer trace / PCAP file of the capture attempt
- copy of the SSH script if it is custom
- collect the NCM directory logs <SPECROOT>/NCM
- collect the OneClick tomcat logs <SPECROOT>/tomcat/logs
- verify running Spectrum version <SPECROOT>/Install-Tools/.history