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CA CSM lets you select and install maintenance for your products according to FIXCAT.


FIXCAT (fix category) associates a maintenance package to one or more categories of PTFs (for example, installation, function, z/OS version, or communication). FIXCAT data is provided in the same file as error HOLDDATA. FIXCAT HOLDDATA statements assign a maintenance package to a category. You select a category, and CA CSM determines and applies associated maintenance packages to the selected products installed in an SMP/E environment

For example:

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Figure 1

Manage FIXCAT Maintenance

You can select and install maintenance for your products based on FIXCAT using CA CSM.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the SMP/E Environments tab.
  2. Locate the SMP/E environment whose products you want to apply FIXCAT Maintenance to.
  3. Click "Actions" and select "Update Using Fix Categories".

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Figure 2

The Fix Category wizard opens to the Introduction step.

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Figure 3

Follow the instructions on the wizard to navigate through the wizard steps.

When you are on the Summary step, review the summary and click Execute.

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Figure 4

When the task completes, you can click Show results on the Progress tab to close this dialog.


Component: MSM


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