Use of OUTPUT DSSN 1 on backup template/stack backups?
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Use of OUTPUT DSSN 1 on backup template/stack backups?


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VM:Backup for z/VM


We would like to stack backups on a single tape.   I see where the Template Programming Interface (TPI) can be used to manually edit/configure the backup template.  This can then be imported into VMBACKUP.   There is an option on the OUTPUT statement called DSSN which states which file on the output tape we are to backup to.    The book seems to indicate that this can only be used by "authorized clients".   It states "you must specify 1".  

Can we code different DSSN values on our own backup templates to force stacking of backups on a tape? 

Is there another way to stack backups on a tape? 


Release : 3.6

Component : CA VM:Backup for z/VM


VM:Backup does not allow you to append data to existing backups.
In the current VMBACKUP, there is no way to stack the backups.
That functionality only exists for VM:Archiver. OUTPUT DSSN is used for VM:Archiver Merge/Purge jobs.

If your goal is to save physical tape, you might want to consider DASDTapes. You could still create your DR backups on physical tape but start writing your backups to DASD.