Alarm 0x10964 "running of the post_olb_script failed" after a successful On-line backup


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CA Spectrum



In a Spectrum DDS environment, after scheduled online backup with DDM database backup using post_olb script, an alarm on the Online Backup model reads:


OnLineBackup (name - OnLineBackup): The running of the post_olb_script failed after a successful On-line backup. The processd error is (unknown), the script error is (unknown). (event [0x00010964])


When reviewing the ddm_backup.log, it shows the database backup was successful.

a mysql/data/ddmdb/model_type.MYI 10 blocks

a mysql/data/ddmdb/db_descriptor.frm 17 blocks

a mysql/data/ddmdb/model_attribute.MYD 0 blocks

a mysql/data/ddmdb/landscape.MYD 1 block

Save completed successfully.

    Database backup was successful.

    Restarting Archive Manager... Success.


ddm_backup completed successfully.



This can be caused by the Online Backup taking too long but will still be successful.
To give it more time, please do the following:

1. Go to VNM Model in OneClick
2. Go to Attributes Tab
3. Filter for OLBTimeoutInMinutes
4. Default value is 60 minutes.  Set this to 120.

The alarm should not stop triggering.