AFP2PDF Transformer (standalone Java Transformers) in V14.0 DRAS
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AFP2PDF Transformer (standalone Java Transformers) in V14.0 DRAS


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Output Management Web Viewer


According to the manual, CA OMWV will no longer support Legacy SASC Transformers for AFP To PDF for V12 and higher.  Looks like we are using this in a couple environments.  We don't have CA Spool in a some of our environments using these transformers.  So we make the implementation consistent by using the SASC Transformers AFP to PDF.  

I am currently just using the old datasets to use Legacy SASC Transformers for AFP to PDF (CSARLOAD, CFD9LOAD) for the new CA View upgrade to V14.0.  CA OMWV is currently at v11.5 which works well.   

A few things I want to understand:

- Does CA OMWV v11.5 work with the standalone Java Transformers if I go ahead and implement it with the CA View Upgrade V14.0?  Or do I need to stay with the legacy until they move to V12 or higher.

- Does our license for VIEW, OMWV or View AFP to PDF cover the standalone Java Transformers? 

- Do the standalone Java Transformers have to be downloaded separately?  Or do they come with any of the following downloads: VIEW/OMWV/View AFP to PDF?

- What download does Mainframe Team Center come with?  This is used with Java Transformers correct? 

- Looks like Java Transformer LMP Code requires just one of the following?  Am I interpreting this right?  Since we have 0W (CA View AFP-to-PDF Transformer) that we can use the Java Transformers?  Or do we need all of them that is listed?  (4N,3B,3C,0W,02)


Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


If you currently have a license to transform files from AFP to PDF using the C Transformers then you have the right to use the functionality with the Java Transformers. For this purpose, you only need the LMP 02 (AFP-to-PDF Transformer) Key.

Regarding the Stand Alone Java Transformers, only DRAS 14.0 has this interface. So, you must be at DRAS 14.0 to be able to use the stand alone version of the transformers.

It does not matter if the Web Viewer is 12.1 or 11.5. If CA View is 14.0 the Java standalone/SPOOL transformer is available, but not the C transformers. As long as you are pointing your 11.5 Web Viewer to 14.0 DRAS, there should be no ill effect from running "without the old SASC/AFP to PDF steplibs,"