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Migrating Email Security.Cloud capabilities to Google Cloud Platform?

After being acquired by Broadcom, it became clear that many cloud-delivered Symantec products could achieve improved operational and business benefits. Enabling us to sharpen our focus on what we do best, which is delivering industry leading security software and services for our customers, particularly in the cloud. To achieve this, some elements of the Email service that operate in a combination of co-located data centers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) were migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  The migration was planned over two phases, Phase 1 completed in April 2020 and Phase 2 was scheduled for 2021.  Having successfully completed Phase 1 of the migration, and observed a number of performance and stability benefits, the decision has been made to cancel the Phase 2 migration, and instead focus on enhancing the service in other ways.

What happened as part of Phase 1 of the Email Security.Cloud Google Cloud Platform Migration?

Symantec, a division of Broadcom, performed scheduled maintenance of Email Security.Cloud ClientNet portal management between April 18, 2020 and April 19, 2020. During this period, we migrated ClientNet portal, Quarantine portal and the API from co-located data centers to Google Cloud Platform.

What are the current plans for Phase 2 of the migration?

After a careful review of our current levels of performance and stability we have re-evaluated our Phase 2 plans and made the decision to stop the migration of any additional Email components to GCP. The components that were migrated as part of Phase 1 will continue to reside in GCP and we will continue to operate in the current hybrid architecture that we have been utilizing since April 2020 with good levels of operational performance. Our focus and efforts going forward will continue to be on ensuring the high standard of reliability and efficacy that our customers require.  In addition, we are also excited to bring forward work on customer driven initiatives that were scheduled for after the Phase 2 migration.

Why was Phase 2 cancelled?

We strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective, stable ESS Service to our customers. The work we did in Phase 1 has certainly been beneficial, as it allowed us to consolidate our configuration and reporting services on GCP resulting in a simplified architecture. Having successfully delivered Phase 1, we realized that the incremental benefits of moving to Phase 2 were less attractive, and a distraction from delivering against our key customer requirements of ensuring ongoing improvements in reliability, stability and being able to support customer driven initiatives.  This, now will be our focus for 2021.

Have all Broadcom GCP migration activities been cancelled?

No. This decision only applies to Symantec Email  Many other Symantec products (e.g. WSS, DLP, CloudSOC, VIP etc) continue with their planned migrations to GCP as they will realise benefits of moving to a single cloud platform.  The hybrid platform that is currently in place for Email is one that we believe provides a stable and reliable platform for customers and allows us to invest in other aspects of continually improving our service.

 What are the AWS regions used by Email Security?

Europe: Ireland, Frankfurt

US: Oregon, N. Virginia

Do we anticipate any further customer impacting changes?

No further changes are anticipated. The anticipated clicktime domain changes that were planned in Phase 2 will not occur. 


How can I get help if there are any issues

We recommend subscribing to Email Security status page for receiving service status notifications.  If you face any issues during the migration window, please contact Symantec support.




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