Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Early Support statement


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


IT Management Suite 8.0 HF3

Initial testing performed by Symantec shows that a range of the IT Management Suite functionality can be used to manage client computers that use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8.

The scope of support is limited to specific components and solutions as indicated below as well as version 8.0 HF3 of the IT Management Suite.

Symantec will issue a Full Support statement once the full testing of the new operating systems is performed and all the known limitations are addressed.

List of supported solutions

IT Management Suite provides support for client functionality for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8.

The Early Support functionality is limited to the following components, solutions, and functionalities of the IT Management Suite:

  • Inventory Solution

  • Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux, and Mac

  • Patch Management

  • Monitor Solution

  • Software Management Solution

  • Network Discovery

  • Deployment Solution

  • Virtual Machine Management.


The components and solutions that are not explicitly listed in the list are not supported. Usage of those might lead to undesirable outcomes.

Known limitations

No limitations were found during the initial testing phase.