Creating a disk image
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Creating a disk image


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Ghost Solution Suite


This task creates an image of a computer's hard disk and partition. You can save the disk image as .GHO file.

Create an image file by using the New Job Wizard or adding the task when building new jobs. You can distribute the disk image file using the Distribute a Disk Image task.

To create an image of a computer, you must boot to Linux, or WinPE. This requires that you set up a PXE Server or install an automation folder.

To create a disk image

  1. In the Jobs pane of the Ghost Solution Suite Console, select a job.

  2. In the Details pane, click Add and select Create Disk Image.

  3. In the Create Disk Image dialog, select the Symantec Ghost imaging tool from the drop-down list. You can select from the following tools:|

    The Symantec Ghost is the default imaging tool and creates a .GHO file. 

  4. (optional) Additional Parameters are displayed when you select the Ghost tool for imaging. You can modify the Additional Parameters if required.


    Ensure to enter the additional parameters correctly, else the imaging task fails.

  5. In the Source Computer options (Ghost Only), select the Drive number and the Partition number of the source computer.

  6. To create a disk image, select only the drive number.

    To create an image of a partition of a drive, select the drive number and the partition number.


    To know the correct partition number, use the Gdisk tool in the automation environment.

  7. In the Location to store image (path and filename), click Select options and enter the following:

    Use Ghost Solution Suite Server share

    If you select this option, the image is stored at the Ghost Solution Suite Server share.

    Use any Drive letter accessible in Automation pre-boot

    Specify the drive letter where you want to store the image.


    Ensure that the drive is accessible in automation pre-boot environment from the client computer.

    Use Drive and Partition Number in Automation pre-boot (Ghost Only)

    Specify the drive Number and the Partition number. You can use this option only when Ghost imaging tool is used.

    Specify the Image path

    Enter or browse the path where you want to store the image.

  8. Check Prepare using Sysprep - Configure.

    To configure the Sysprep settings,


    Windows 10 onwards, you must run the Sysprep with Administrator credentials. For more information refer to the Microsoft article.

  9. Select the Automation pre-boot environment (Windows PE/Linux).

  10. Set the Return codes and RIP and replace options. See Setting up return codes.