Recommendations for placement of Symantec Scan Engine 5.x in subnets with regard to the Netapp environment.


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What is the recommended setup, with regards to networking, to set Symantec Scan Engine (Symantec AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage) up with a NetApp Filer. 

There are questions regarding the placement of the scan engine machines with regard to the standard networks and the networks of the netapp filer.



Concern for optimal network performance between the clients and NetApp Filer, and the Symantec Scan Engine scanners with the NetApp Filer(s). 


For NetApp Filer environments that will see heavy network traffic it is recommended that a dedicated scanning network is used for scanning.  This should help reduce saturation on the public network to the NetApp Filer, since scanning traffic will be routed through the private scanning network.  Note, for this setup the Scan Engine server(s) will need two NICs. Additionally this second NIC for the private scanning network will have to be configured as the primary NIC on the Scan Engine Server.  This is because in RPC mode Scan Engine cannot bind to other IPs/NICs on the machine it is running on, and by default only listens on the servers primary NIC.  To set the NIC binding order,

  1. Open the Network Connections Windows for the Scan Engine server.
  2. At the top, click on the "Advanced" tab.
  3. In the drop down, click on "Advanced Settings..."
  4. In the "Connections" field, under the "Adapters and Bindings" tab, use the arrows to adjust the NIC binding order.




Applies To


Symantec AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage 5.2.x