During the SIM installation process, the following error occurred: "Installating Software. A critical error occurred: The operation timed out. Configuration failed while attempting: Configure..."


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


While installing with Symantec Installation Manager (SIM), the following error occurred:

Configuration failed.
A critical error occurred:
The operation has timed out.

Configuration failed while attempting: Configure <<Solution name or Component name>>


If you click 'OK', the following message appears:

Error During Installation.

Configuration of one or more products failed; see the log for details. To attempt configuration again, reinstall the product.


Unknown. Apparently IIS stopped responding or was not able to restart during the installation process.


Identify what Product you were installing. If it is part of a Suite, then just verify that the product mentioned on the error message actually appears in the "Installed Products" list. If it does, just run a Repair on it.

If the error occurred during the installation of the Symantec Management Platform process, in this example the product that failed was Directory Connector which will not appear as a standalone piece in the "Installed Products" list, you will need to run a Repair on the actual SMP in order to trigger the configuration process for the component that failed to configure.