Unable to add resources to tasks in CA Clarity Agile
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Unable to add resources to tasks in CA Clarity Agile


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We have tasks in Clarity with the resources assigned but unable to assign the same in CA Clarity Agile.



Component: ODAPAV



A CA Clarity Agile project can have multiple releases and those releases can be linked to different projects in CA Clarity. In order for a user to be assigned to user stories or log time on a task that is assigned to a Release linked to a Clarity, that user must be a resource on the Clarity project and they must also be a team member on a team in the CA Clarity Agile project.

When adding a resource to a user story in Agile, the system checks the following:

  1. When assigning a user to a user story the system will pull the list of team members assigned to teams within the project.

  2. The system will then check whether the user story is assigned to a release that is linked to CA Clarity

  3. From the list of team members on the project, filter the list by the team members on the corresponding Clarity project for the release


Clarity project called "Clarity ABC" is linked to Release 123 (Project A) within CA Clarity Agile; In Clarity the following resources have been added to the "Clarity ABC" project: John Smith and Jane Doe

John Smith is already a user in CA Clarity Agile and Clarity, so his existing user is linked to this project in Clarity; Jane Doe's user was created in CA Clarity Agile but not in Clarity.

In Agile the project "Project A" has a team called Team A with the following scrum team members: John Smith, Alecia Pink and Sue Miami. The product owner Sue Miami creates two user stories in Project A and attempts to assign team members.

User Story 1: No Release is assigned, so she sees that she can assign John, Alecia, or Sue to the user story. She assigns Alecia.

User Story 2: Assigns to Release 123, so she only sees John as a user that can be assigned to this user story. Note: She does not see Jane, because Jane has not beenadded to the project team. If she adds Jane as a team member to Team A, she will see only John and Jane as potential assignees.

When Sue edits User Story 1 and assigns to Release 123 ad clicks Save, she receives an error message that Alecia is not a resource on the Clarity project.

To resolve this error Alecia needs to be added to the project in Clarity, once that is confirmed the Agile admin or a super user can try manually clearing the ID field for the problem resources in CA Clarity Agile (see steps for data loader below), then run the agile sync job in Clarity. The job should repopulate the ID field in Agile for Alecia, and Sue can try assigning User Story 1 to Release 123 again

To re-link Clarity resources and projects to Agile you will need to use the data loader.

The first step is to export.

You will need to enter your normal password plus your security token all at once without spaces. If at this point the issue is still persisting the next step is to export the object <ca_agile__Agile_Planner_User__c> to a csv file.

The second step is to modify the exported CSV file.

  • Open the CSV file in excel and locate the column <ca_agile__External_Id__c>.

  • Clear the contents of the column <ca_agile__External_Id__c> leaving the header column name.

  • Save this as fiximport.csv while maintaining the CSV format.

The third step is to set up mapping.

  • In data loader choose to update the object <ca_agile__Agile_Planner_User__c> with this CSV file.

  • Choose to auto map the attributes. Visually confirm the mapping

  • Once this is complete then re-export the object <ca_agile__Agile_Planner_User__c> and confirm it is successful by verifying that exported csv file has an empty <ca_agile__External_Id__c> column other than the header.

The last step is to re-run the CA Clarity Agile sync job.

At this point you should be able to assign your team members as long as they exist in both the project team and the team referenced in CA Clarity Agile.