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HOT FIX: Data Loss Prevention 15.0 MP1, for excessive Agent Event replication


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Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.0 Maintenance Pack 1 contains an issue in which Agent Events are excessively duplicated, and which "flood" the DLP database. All Endpoint Prevent deployments are potentially affected.

To address this issue, Symantec has published a hot fix, available through the Downloads page.


To fix the Agent Events replication issue, all Endpoint Prevent customers who upgrade to Data Loss Prevention 15.0 MP1 should do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Obtain hotfix 15.0.0102 from the Software Downloads site.
  2. Apply the hotfix to the Enforce Server and to Endpoint Servers, following the installation instructions provided in the Readme text file that accompanies the hotfix (the hotfix can be applied only on version 15.0 MP1).
  3. Run a script to clean up the replicated Agent Event items in the DLP database, following the instructions in the Support Center article 

    Agent event cleanup after applying public hot fix 15.0.0102.01001 (for DLP 15.0 MP1)