Error installing windows image on Content Analysis
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Error installing windows image on Content Analysis


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Content Analysis Software - CA


Receiving an error when installing a Windows image to Content Analysis device.



Verify that the image is supported, refer to the following KB for a list of supported images in 2.4.X:



Collect logs to further diagnosing why the installation is hanging or failing.

Enables debug logging on the Malware Analysis side of the appliance.

Run the following commands in CLI (Command Line Interface) under enable mode:

(config)# ma-settings 

(config-ma-settings)# bootstrap loglevel 7 

You will then need to reproduce the issue. Once the issue had been reproduced upload the TS (Troubleshooting) files to the case as outlined in the following KB:

Once uploaded to the case set the default logging level on the box to avoid unnecessary load with the following commands:

(config)# ma-settings 

(config-ma-settings)# bootstrap loglevel 6 

Work with the Symantec Support team for analysis and next steps.