Enforce loses connection to the Cloud Service due to an AUTHENTICATION FAILURE


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Cloud Detector is showing as "disconnected". This is not corrected by recycling the DetectionServerController on Enforce.

There have been no changes, either to the network proxy or firewall, but the service is no longer connection successfully.

Message Code     2714

Summary     Cloud Service authentication to Enforce failed

Detail     Error [AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE] - Cloud Service unreachable due to an authentication issue. Please check the validity and availability of the certificate.


The above event occurs when the original certificate that was installed during enrollment has expired.

The certs are good for 3 years, and after expiry the connection requires a renewal cert in order to continue using the service.

This can be confirmed under the System > Settings > General menu, where the "Cloud certificate" will shows as "Expired" and give the date of its expiry.


Enforce with Cloud Detection Service or Cloud Service for Email


Contact technical support. The team can generate a renewal bundle for customers who have paid to continue using the service.

The instructions for uploading the renewal bundle are in a separate article, Renew expiring cloud certificates.