Reset BOXI Administrator password on Business Objects Server with SQL Anywhere on Windows


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You may need to reset the Administrator password in the following scenarios:

When importing the Clarity 13.3 BIAR files CA_Clarity_Universes_Oracle.biar or CA_Clarity_Universes_MSSQL.biar, the BOXI Admin password gets reset if Administrators/Everyone user groups or Administrator user gets copied over from the BIAR.

Or you may have forgotten/locked your password and need resetting it for Administrator.


  1. In order to reset your BO password SQL Anywhere 12 should be first installed.
  2. To login to the SQL Anywhere database (the database installed by BO) you will need to mount the CA CABI ISO and copy the file ((BO ISO):\Disk1\cabi\SAW\SA1201_Client.exe) locally.
  3. Once you have it on a system the please run it and it will install SQL Anywhere 12, making sure you install the 32 bit / non-64bit version. With this utility you can connect to the CABI/BO database installed with BO. You will need to know the database admin user and password to get the tool to connect.
  4. Start SQL Anywhere 12 (Sybase Central) and from the plugin section select SQL Anywhere 12.
  5. Click on File and Connect. Please enter the details as follows:
    Authentication: Database
    User ID: ?
    Password: ?
    Action: Connect with an ODBC Data Source
    ODBC Data Source name: BOE120

    The default SQL Anywhere port is 2638
    The default Data Source name is BOE120
    The SQL Anywhere dba User Account user is dba

    ***BOE120 is the default Business Objects database name***

  6. Click on File again, and select "Open Interactive SQL"
  7. As a precaution, take a backup of the CMS Repository Tables.
  8. Open the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) from the Start Menu.
  9. Stop the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA).
  10. Run the following SQL statements against the CMS database:
    DELETE FROM cms_infoobjects6 WHERE (ObjectID=12);

    This will delete the record that belongs to the "Administrator" account.

  11. From the CCM, restart the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA). This will recreate the Administrator account with a blank password.
  12. Now you can log on to the Central Management Console (CMC) using the Administrator account and a blank password.

Please make sure you reset the password to something else than blank both in CMC and Clarity CSA in order for Clarity to connect to the reporting server correctly. A restart of Clarity services will also be needed if you modify the password in CSA.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus