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How to obtain Migration Packages for Symantec Management Platform 8.0


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) contains the most recent migration wizard. If you want to download and use the previous version of migration wizards for IT Management Suite, use the .zip files attached with this article.

Note: This article is specific to IT Management Suite 8.0  migration packages. For IT Management Suite 7.1x migration packages, refer to the following article:


Before you install the migration package, complete the following tasks:

  • Download the .zip file attached with this article and extract the file on your local computer.
  • Out of the four package .exe files, install the appropriate file for your operating system (x86 or x64). The file with the suffix ‘silent” denotes nothing will display on the UI during the package installation.
  • SIM will not display that the package is installed, but it will be fully functional.
  • To use the migration wizard, navigate to  \\Program Files\Altiris\Upgrade folder and run the NSUpgradeWizard.exe.
  • When you upgrade to a new version of the migration wizard, SIM removes the previous version and updates the “Installed Products” page.

Steps to install a migration package:

  1. Install the appropriate migration package locally.
  2. If SIM does not automatically point to the product listing provided by the install package, navigate to SIM > Settings > Change Product Listing, and select the folder where the package was extracted and open the product listing file.
  3. Install the migration package.
  4. Change the product listing in SIM to the shipping product listing, but this time do not run the migration.
  5. After installation, reconfigure the migration package.