Simplified Software Deployment Application Programming Interface (API)
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Simplified Software Deployment Application Programming Interface (API)


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Altiris Software Development Kit (ASDK)


In the IT Management Suite 8.1 RU7, the Administrator Software Development Kit (ASDK) contains the new API that accesses the functionality of Notification Server (NS) and simplifies deployment of installable packages. With just one method call, this API lets you import a software package, create a software component resource with the package, and then generate an installation policy for this resource.


The new API supports the following types of installable packages:

  • self-installable .exe packages
  • .msi packages
  • .rpm packages
  • non-DMG based .zip Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) packages for Mac
  • .exe self-extracting (SFX) archive SEP packages for Windows


void DeployPackageEx(string packageName, string parametersXML)

This method imports software package and creates the default installation policy with possibility to override the default parameters.


Name Description Format
packageName String that contains the path to a software installation file.
The file may be located on the local NS or in the UNC directory.

Local NS path:

UNC path:

parametersXML XML string with overridden parameters.
If this parameter is an empty string, the default parameters are used.


Where parameter1...parameterN are the parameter names and value1...valueN are the corresponding parameter values.

Supported parameters

Name Description

GUID of the repository for which the package will be imported.
The following repositories are provided out of the box:

  • "Default smart repository" with the ID "{2406DBB0-613C-4BD6-9870-BCD49A6571D3}"

When "Default smart repository" is used, the installation policies created with this method are located in the Auto Deployment folder that is not visible in the Symantec Management Console by default. To make the policy folder visible at Manage > Policies > Software, run the following SQL query:

Update Item
SET Attributes = '22'
Where Guid = '23d65059-752a-4aef-a6ab-aab902e3cdb5'
  • "SEP repository" with the ID "E94719D0-D063-403F-BA60-68D5E2F2D9E3"

When "SEP repository" is used, only SEP installation packages are supported for importing and Symantec Endpoint Protection Delivery policy is created at Manage > Policies > Software Symantec Endpoint Protection Agent Delivery.

If this parameter is not specified, the default repository is used.


Coma separated list of target GUIDs to be applied to the policy.
If this parameter is not specified, no targets will be applied.


False by default.
True if the newly created policy should be enabled by default.


Culture to generate a localized policy name.
English by default.


Sample (vbs)

set repository = CreateObject("Altiris.ASDK.SWM.SoftwareSmartRepository")
filePath="\\server\folder\installationFile.exe" 'replace by file path to package that need be deployed(UNC or Local NS path)
repository.DeployPackageEx filePath, parameters