Process gets stuck in the Pending Retry status after clicking the Retry button in the messages screen


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If a process errors out with an error that can be retried and a user goes into the messages for the process instance, selects the errored step and clicks the retry button, it will get stuck in the "Pending Retry" status and never progress even if the error condition has been fixed.

NOTE: This will happen for any process error that you are able to retry.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a lookup attribute on the Project object or another event enabled object of your choice that points to the Resource Browse lookup (SCH_BROWSE_RESOURCE)
  2. Add the attribute to the Edit Layout for the Properties page for your object
  3. Create a process on your object with a step that sends an action item to the resource attribute you created in step 1.
  4. Choose Done as the only Selected action when creating the Action Item (AI)
  5. Create a post condition on your step that checks for all assignees to your action item with status done
  6. Connect the Start step to the step with the action item and the step with the action item to the Finish step
  7. Validate and activate the process
  8. Create an instance of the object you chose. DO NOT fill in the resource field you added to the object
  9. Run or auto-start your process
    NOTE: Your process will error out when it tries to send the action item since the resource field you created is blank
  10. Fill in the Resource Field on the Properties page for your object instance and save the change
  11. Go to your process instance, click on the messages icon, click the checkbox to the left of your error' step and click the Retry button

Expected Result: The process should progress because there is now an assignee for the action item

Actual Result: The process gets stuck at the Pending Retry step

If debugging is enabled for 'com.niku.eventmgr', the following type of error is generated in the application log file.

DEBUG 2014-04-07 09:41:59,500 [http-bio-80-exec-416] bpm.eventmgr (clarity:admin:83751507__F3BFC6A4-7E98-48FE-85C9-977AA11CBCD8:bpm.updateForRetry) ----> No interest in Message: [email protected][_code='BPM_PIE_ERROR_RETRY', _object='bpm_errors', _objectInstanceId=8362542, _userId=1, _sendDate=null, _timeToLive=7200000, Message Type=NONE, Message=null]




Resolved in Clarity 13.3 Generic Patch. Reference TEC605767
Resolved in CA PPM 14.1 


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus