Data Loss Prevention Enforce ReinstallationResourcesUtility returned exit code -1


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The file is used as part of the installation process when migrating a Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce installation to another server and reconnecting an existing Oracle database to the Enforce server. An error occurs during the installation of Enforce if the directory names in the file are not all lowercase.

MSI (s) (54:20) [10:04:41:121]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\windows\Installer\MSI513F.tmp, Entrypoint: unpackReinstallationResourcesFile
Process wrote to standard output:
Process wrote to standard error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: E:\Program Files\Symantec\DataLossPrevention\EnforceServer\15.5\Protect\config\ is not a directory

Error unpacking reinstallation resources file: ReinstallationResourcesUtility returned exit code -1


Recreate the file with lowercase directory names.