Failure adding a File System IW source using the Integration Wizard
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Failure adding a File System IW source using the Integration Wizard


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


When integrating a flat file data source (Data Source Type: File System IW) with Information Centric Analytics (ICA), the Integration Wizard (IW) does not locate and cannot access a local file store from which to import the source file. Instead, it returns the following error:

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Status: 500

Status Text: Internal Server Error
Error: An error has occurred

Error ID: <id-number>


Release : 6.x

Component : Integration Wizard


The Source Folder and the Download Directory for the file system data source are not configured correctly.


The Download Directory should be a path local to the TaskRunner database utility, which is installed by default on the server hosting SQL Server and the RiskFabric database.

The Source Folder contains the file(s) to be imported into the Download Directory and can be located on any server to which the TaskRunner utility has access. The TaskRunner utility will copy the file from the Source Folder to the Download Directory prior to processing the file. If the Source Folder is not local to the TaskRunner utility, the Source Folder path specified should be a UNC path.

For example, you have a flat file containing a list of VIP users in your organization that you wish to import into ICA to supplement the Active Directory records integrated with ICA through the Active Directory Connector Utility. This flat file is generated by Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and saved to the following path on server A (


This folder has been configured as a network share and assigned the following UNC path:


You have installed ICA's database utilities on server B (, which hosts Microsoft SQL Server and the RiskFabric database, and you have created the following Download Directory on that server to which flat files will be transferred by the TaskRunner utility:


When configuring the Flat File IW data source in the ICA console, you would enter the following (bolded) values:

Create Data Source

Data Source Type:       File System IW

Data Source Label:      VIP Users

Server Name:    

Authentication Mode:  Windows / Active Directory

Download Directory:    D:\ICA\Downloads

Source Folder:             \\SSIS\Exports