Ghost PXE boot fails once with TFTP time out and then attempts a second time and is able to PXE boot


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Ghost Solution Suite


Using Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.x and PXE booting a client to PXE automation an error is seen and then a second attempt to PXE boot is made and it works. 

PXE-E32: TFTP open time out ​followd buy a second followed that works


If the environment is set to DHCP force mode and is only configured to deliver the boot package to UEFI systems and the client is set with both the legacy NIC and the UEFI NIC in the boot order then the system could try to boot to legacy first and fail because only UEFI has been configured in the DHCP server.    Then when the Legacy NIC fails it moves to the next boot device and if that next boot device is UEFI NIC then it will continue booting to PXE as expected. 


GSS 3.x with PXE enabled.   

Client PC that is both UEFI and BIOS compatible.  


If the intention is to only UEFI boot a client then it would be an appropriate step to modify the boot order on the client to only include the UEFI NIC.   It would be even more appropriate to set the UEFI only mode in the bois so that all peripherals will be configured for UEFI and a more consistent experience will be seen.