Issue observed with SNMP Version 2 for reporter or management center
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Issue observed with SNMP Version 2 for reporter or management center


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Management Center Reporter


Even after setting up the community on the device, the SNMP manager won't connect.
Upon capturing a packet trace from the reporter/management center device, it is observed that the SNMP packet is sent; however, no response is received.

In the event log the error message "WARN EventLog.confd- AuditNotification[logno=117, user=public, usid=0, msg="SNMP authentication failed: PDU discarded: bad community name: XXXX" is delivered.


Due to missed or incomplete configuration SNMP requests will not be delivered.

Steps to setup a version 2 SNMP community and permission

reporter> en
reporter# configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
reporter(config)# snmp
reporter(config-snmp)# agent version v2c  <--- Enable SNMP version for communication
reporter(config-snmp)# agent enable  <-- Enable SNMP Agent to allow communication
reporter(config-snmp)# community <community name>  <-- Creates Community Container
reporter(config-community-<community name>)# sec-name <community name>  <-- Sets Community String
reporter(config-community-<community name>)# exit  <-- Exit Community Container commands
reporter(config-snmp)# vacm group <group name> member <community name> sec-model v2c  <-- Creates a View-based Control Module (VACM) and adds community to VACM
reporter(config-snmp)# vacm view <permission group name> subtree 1.3 included  <-- Creates VACM permissions group
reporter(config-snmp)# vacm group <group name> access v2c no-auth-no-priv read-view <permission group name> <-- Assigns VACM group access, permissions, and privileges to VACM permissions group

For additional information please refer the SNMP section of admin guides:
Management Center