Echoworx PBE enhancements
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Echoworx PBE enhancements


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As part of regular updates to the PBE platform, our encryption partner Echoworx will release a series of service enhancements. 


Email customers using Echoworx Policy Based Encryption


Echoworx PBE enhancements:
  • Improved support for recipients who change deliver method between Web Portal and PDF:
    • New recipient preference value defined under EMG Credential Management
    • Existing users will be migrated to have preference as follows:
      • If the user has active PDF Password -> preference is PDF.
      • If the user has all expired PDF Passwords -> preference is Web.
      • If the user has no PDF Password -> preference is unknown.
  • Sign clear text messages with new ‘Sender’ signing mode (sign only – without encryption)
  • Support for inbound PGP decryption of messages with an ASC encrypted attachment (provides interop with Totemo PGP messages)
  • Pop-up tips and controls on Challenge Questions (e.g. answer cannot be part of the Question)
  • A customer can override the Web Portal Reply “From” Address to match their own sending domain
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 10 & earlier versions
  • Flash plug-in is no longer required inside the EMG Admin Console Summary Reports
  • Various UI Enhancements and component updates
  • Bug fixes