Configure Endpoint Protection Mobile to use a Android Work Profile


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


Android Enterprise device configuration

Configure SEP Mobile to support Android Enterprise




To configure SEP Mobile to use your existing Android Work configuration with your existing MDM/UEM/EMM provider, login to the SEP Mobile Management Console, and navigate to Settings>Integrations>EMM & Containers>Android Work Profile. Check the box for A container is used to deploy business apps on devices in Your Environment Name, and make a select from the available options of Android Enterprise, Samsung KNOX, and Other.

Note that existing Android devices will need to be re-enrolled to obtain the new configuration where SEP Mobile is deployed within the business container, so you may consider setting up a new environment with the Android for Work integration to avoid re-deploying SEP Mobile to existing devices.

See About deploying the SEP Mobile app on devices with Android work profile for additional considerations.