Queries are showing that the LOB files were not converted to Secure Files after correctly following the instructions


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If there is a message that the conversion operation did indeed process succesfully, the most likely cause of the problematic query result is that you were logged in with the "sys" user account when running the query. This account will not show the output that we are looking for, which will be tied to the "protect" account.


The specific issue in this article has been observed when following "Solution #1" to convert the LOB table to SecureFiles in Oracle 11G ... however, it may also apply when switching to SecureFiles with other supported Oracle versions as well.


If you are logged in with the "sys" user account (and the conversion operation did say that it succeeded when you ran it) the problem with the query results can be resolved by simply logging out, logging back in as the Protect user, and rerunning the query (select table_name, securefile from user_lobs where table_name like '%LOB%';)